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Kamalata Forces Civil Servants To Beware Of Public Funds Misuse

Robert Kamalata, the permanent secretary of the province of Lusaka, has cautioned local civil officials about abusing public monies.

Speaking to civil servants in Rufunsa, Mr. KAMALATA issued a warning that abuse of public monies would not be accepted.

According to Mr. KAMALATA, the province of Lusaka received 100% finance and 100% spending last year, which led to 100% implementation of all programs and initiatives.


Engineers, according to Mr. KAMALATA, should constantly examine government initiatives and provide accurate information.

Engineers who deceive the government will face consequences, he added.

Richard Mabena, the district commissioner for Rufunsa, remarked during the same meeting that the district faces significant difficulties with regard to office space and transportation.

However, Mr. MABENA expressed his happiness that the government had plans to finish the district administration’s construction, which had started years earlier.

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