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Kapiri man kills himself after killing Coworker following Dispute over woman

A 38-year-old Kapiri Mposhi has also passed away after committed suicide by ingesting a pesticide, following the death of his 33-year-old coworker who was beaten to death because he was discovered with his girlfriend. Shaft Kasaila swallowed a pesticide because of dread of being found out for killing Bupe Chitambo by beating.

After being checked into the hospital, Mr. Kasaila passed away this morning while being guarded by the police.

David Chileshe, the police commissioner for the Central Province, told Mwebantu that the incident took place on Sunday of this week.

“The Incident happened on Sunday at Nkole area when the assailant found the deceased with his girlfriend and picked up a quarrel. Mr Kasaila attempted to commit suicide by taking a pesticide tablet when he heard about the death of the deceased and was admitted in Mushimbili District Hospital under police guard. He however passed on today, February 28,” he said.

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