Kashala resigns from FAZ

Adrian Kashala, the CEO of FOOTBALL House, resigned the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) after being named the second-in-command of the Paramilitary Battalion Unit of the Zambia Police.

Kashala has been serving as the FAZ general secretary since 2018 while on secondment from the Zambian Police, where he was previously the commissioner of police at the main police station.

There were difficulties with Kashala’s dual duties. At the height of the disputes that hit FAZ leading up to the Association’s elections, the government forced him into retirement, which resulted in his losing his police position in 2021.

As the new dawn government restored him to his position, he was promoted to senior assistant commissioner of police and deputy commanding commander at Para.

Kashala has departed Football House, according to a statement issued by communications manager Sydney Mungala on behalf of FAZ president Andrew Kamanga.

“Following the reinstatement of Mr Adrian Kashala in the Zambia Police where he has been appointed as Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commanding Officer Paramilitary Battalion Unit, he will no longer serve as FAZ General Secretary,” Kamanga said.

In the interim, FAZ registrar Iva Lengwe will act as general secretary until a substantive replacement is found.

“On behalf of the FAZ executive, I wish to thank Mr Kashala for his selfless service to the game. We will however be open to utilizing his experience in various areas of our game as he is an asset,” Kamanga said.

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