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Annie prevented security from transporting Chile One to hospital in her Range Rover

The Kitwe High Court was informed that following the alleged shooting of Kitwe businessman Richard Mbulu, also known as Chile One, Annie Monta prevented her security officers from using her Range Rover to transport him to the hospital.

In a case where she is charged with killing her husband Chile One on April 30 of last year at their Riverside house in Kitwe following a domestic quarrel, Monta made another court appearance on Thursday.

Musonda Simutengo, who was a security guard for Monta and her late husband at the time of the incident, testified before Kitwe High Court Judge Evaristo Pengele.

According to Simutengo’s testimony, he hurried to open the opulent Range Rover to Monta’s chagrin after being instructed to drive their boss, who had been shot, to the hospital.

He testified in court that Monta instructed them to use a Toyota Land Cruiser instead of the Rover because it was too expensive to transport the injured Chile One to the hospital.

The wife of Chile One’s brother, who had arrived on the scene shortly after her husband Stanslous Mbulu, reportedly drove Chile One to the hospital following that.

Simutengo described the circumstances leading up to the alleged shooting, claiming Chile One was in his customary upbeat mood before heading to bed and dancing to some rumba music.

Simutengo heard a gunshot during the calm of the night.

a warning Stanslous was waiting outside the servant’s quarters when Simutengo arrived. Stanslous had presumably also fled the servant’s quarters after hearing the gunshot.

He claimed the two observed Monta, who was brandishing a gun, standing at the kitchen door, threatening to shoot Stanslous, but the latter was able to flee and immediately called the police to report what had transpired.

Trial is ongoing.

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