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Actor’s indecent assault case involves lingerie

In a case where renowned actor Leo Simukoko is accused of indecently abusing a lab scientist, evidence included a BLACK lacy bra yesterday.

The victim described how the accused allegedly kissed her and attempted to take her sweatpants off on the relevant day.

The 36-year-old victim, who was at the time dressed in lacy underwear, allegedly resisted being kissed and was then shoved onto a mattress, according to testimony given in court.

Afterwards, the victim was requested to demonstrate the undergarments she had on that fateful day in a dimly lit building that she claimed the accuser had claimed to be a studio.

Simukoko, who is well-known for portraying Mushala, is charged with indecently assaulting a woman in Lusaka on March 27 of last year.

The complainant stated during the trial yesterday before magistrate Crispin Hampungani that she attended a celebration of World Theatre Day on that day.

The woman claimed that after the game ended, she walked to the playhouse for a braai and there she discovered the suspect waiting in the parking lot.
She responded, “I went to stand where he was standing.”

The victim’s companion Anne and another man named Hansen eventually joined the pair, according to testimony given in court. “Hansen, my relative, and I took Anne and I away from the accused, and we proceeded to the Woodlands Mall to buy some beverages.
According to testimony given in court, Hansen called the victim on the way home and requested her to purchase Jameson for him and Simukoko.

Around 16:00, the ladies rejoined the accused and Hansen and started conversing and drinking.

The court was informed that Anne left just before 8:00 p.m.

Later, Hansen asked the victim to drive him to his Matero house, but she was too exhausted and offered him money for a taxi instead.

The victim stated, “He [Simukoko] then begged for a lift so that he can be left at Chris Mall, the closest spot to catch a bus going home.”

The victim overheard Simukoko on the phone informing someone that he wouldn’t be going home that night but rather was going to the location where the Mungoma series was being produced while they were driving to the mall.

The accused allegedly instructed her to drop him off at the production company, which is located after Chris Mall, after that.

When they arrived, the suspect got out of the car and went inside the production facility before coming back a little while later.

She claimed that after that, the defendant urged that she visit the production company, to which she grudgingly consented.

“The kitchen had no light, no burner, no spoon, and no cup. Nothing that could be seen would indicate that it is a production house, the woman claimed.

Before asking to use the restroom, she claimed to have noticed a mattress on the floor and two empty wine bottles.

The victim claimed that the defendant approached her as soon as she emerged from the restroom.
The victim added, “He approached and kissed me and I was taken aback since I did not expect it.”

Simukoko allegedly forced her onto the mattress, climbed all over her, and attempted to kiss her.

“He was attempting to pull my sweatpants down with one of his hands. Then he whispered, “Relax, baby,” I’ve been wanting you so much,” the woman remarked. In contrast, she denied being coerced into going to the accused’s house when the defense questioned her during cross-examination. The witness denied screaming during the ordeal when pressed further about it.

The witness replied that she did not know but felt that the accused’s penis was erect at the moment when asked if it was. The defense questioned why she didn’t flee despite the unlocked door.

When questioned if she immediately contacted the police about the incident, the woman replied that she didn’t until two days later.

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