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Five-year-old boy drowns while playing after falling into well

A five-year-old Kitwe kid lost his life after falling into a neighbor’s well while playing with a buddy.

When Niza Simukoko went to the neighbor’s house to play with his seven-year-old playmate, it is thought that he left him in the care of his aunt.

The friend claimed that as the two were pursuing one other during a game, the victim unintentionally fell into the well.

According to Copperbelt Police Commanding Officer Peacewell Mweemba, authorities were alerted to an allegation of a sudden and unnatural death that happened in Luangwa West, Kitwe, yesterday at around 15:00.

He claimed that Lighton Simukoko, the deceased’s father, had reported that his son had mysteriously fallen nine meters into a water well and perished at a neighbor’s home.

Brief facts of the matter are that the victim returned from school and found his mother at home around 15:00 hours and was served with lunch. His mother then left home to go and pay a visit to someone who delivered of a baby in neighbouring Malembeka township, leaving the child in the guardianship of her sister in law. Few minutes later, the sister in law heard a knock by her neighbour with sad news that Niza fell into a well. They rushed to the well and interviewed a seven year old boy he was playing with who stated that they were chasing each other as they played when Niza accidentally fell inside the well,” he said.

He claimed that after being alerted by the people, the Kitwe Fire Brigade rescue squad sped to the location. However, before they reached, the youngster had already been rescued from the well and taken to Wusakile Mining Hospital in an effort to save his life.

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