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Ex-radio personality claims Kay Sibiya drugged and r@ped her

Popular South African actor Kay Sibiya‘s is under fire following the damning rape allegations leveled against him. This comes after former radio personality Zukiswa ‘Zookey Zarling’ Vutela’s confession on Facebook.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Zookey Zarling left no stones unturned while blasting Kay Sibiya for an alleged rape that occurred leading to Zookey Zarling having a baby. In her rant, Zokeey Zarling mentions that Kay Sibiya was allegedly sent to kill her but instead he allegedly drugged and r@ped her.

“This is my story and the truth about my Daughter Zia-Mia how I was raped then she was conceived then someone claimed otherwise and my other 2 kids…Telling it myself I’ve been quiet about it for the longest time; How he was sent to kill me first He drugged and raped me, then when I woke up found an expired condom inside of me. So now I do not care even if they try again to kill me when I tell my story – Pastors/Drug lords and some. Today I tell it as rough it is about Khumbulani Kay Sibiya” wrote Zookey Zarling

Zookey Zarling

Although her daughter was conceived under difficult circumstances but the former radio personality turned Isangoma have made peace with her traumatic situation. It appears Zookey Zarling have accepted the way in which her daughter was brought up while Kay Sibiya continues to not to take any responsibility.

“My First Book: The Soil that Bears my roots was approved for School Libraries in KZN by the then MEC of Education in KZN Professor NdabaNdaba and spoke about my first rape and other attempts. P.p.s every rape victim will tell you the demon follows you twice or thrice until you cleanse it. P.p.p.s. this is not an expose” wrote Zookey Zarling

The outraged Zookey Zarling is pleading for her teenage daughter to be treated with dignity above the circumstances she was conceived under. Zookey Zarling mentions how she was never married to Kay Sibiya and since her daughter’s birth, she has never denied Sibiya a paternity test.

Kay Sibiya

But a plea for my child to grow with the dignity she deserves and not in a shadow of a man that keeps destroying her name and dignity. P p.p.p.s Zia is Arabic for God’s splendor Mia is Hebrew for light and Italian for Mine (Wami!) So asiyekwe. Children are a blessing from God. This Khumbulani guy must not make my daughter a shadow of his darkness or his perfect son. She is the light that she is. Inspite how she was born” wrote Zookey Zarlings

According to Zookey Zarling, Kay SIbiya’s family has already extended their apologies to her and her family and Kay Sibiya kicked them out of his home and Zookey Zarling have been assisting them.

“Khumbulani Sibiya’s parents profusely apologised but then he kicked them out his home anyway and I have been helping them. Mind you, they were my babysitters for Zia and I chose to make peace because dlozi is for peace,” she adds. ”I was just shocked that even my ex’s who are wealthy and relevant don’t appear but this b***h of a man that keeps speaking nonsense about me” said Zookey Zarling


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Tipcee and DJ Tira

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