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Keep the peace throughout the ward by-elections – IMENDA

The Serenje, Chililabombwe, and Lupososhi Districts will have three local government by elections, and the UPND Secretary General, BATUKE IMENDA, has urged all political actors to uphold peace before, during, and after those elections.

At Mulilima Elementary School in Serenje, Mr. IMENDA was addressing the media as nominations for the Muchinda Ward by-election were being submitted.

He asserted that the party upholds democracy and owes Zambians a time of peace.

SYLVIA BWALYA, Senior Corporate Officer for the Electoral Commission of Zambia, said that four candidates have successfully submitted their nominations for the Muchinda Ward By-Election in the Serenje District.

The candidates are MIKE CHIKUBULA of the PF, THOMAS PHIRI of the UPND, WEZI KAONGA of the Leadership Party, and RODWELL KUNDA of the Socialist Party, according to Ms. BWALYA.

The departure of PF Councillor DORIS IKONA, who was also the Deputy Council Chairperson for Serenje, led to the MUCHINDA by-election.

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