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MWIIMBU Describes the Latest MWEMBESHI “Prison Break”

Home Affairs Minister JACK MWIIMBU has denied social media rumors that prisoners and remandees who recently fled from the New MWEMBESHI Correctional Complex were the subject of gunshots.

Yet according to Mr. MWIIMBU, two of the three escapees have been apprehended, leaving one of them on the loose.

This was said by him in a ministerial statement to the National Parliament regarding the escape of remandees in the case of the abduction of Mobile Money Agent PAMELA CHISUNKA.

Mr. MWIIMBU additionally affirmed that a remandee in the PAMELA CHISUNKA kidnapping case who made an attempt to flee was caught.

He stated that the Remandee who hurt himself after scaling the security wall was receiving medical care at the Correctional Institution.

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