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Kelvin Sampa Was Determined Guilty Of Misleading

Former National Youth Chairperson of the Patriotic Front (PF), KELVIN SAMPA, was found guilty of stealing 1.4 million Kwacha from MBARUKU Trading Limited and SALEHE MBARUKU SENGULO.

Judge KOREEN ZIMBA of the LUSAKA High Court rendered the decision after concluding that the plaintiffs had established the validity of their claim against Mr. SAMPA.

Businessman Mr. SAMPA of LUSAKA was ordered by Judge ZIMBA to pay back the money to MBARUKU Trading Limited and Mr. SENGULO.

According to the evidence in the case, Mr. SAMPA defrauded the plaintiffs of their money in order to arrange a deal between him and the defendants.

In order to pay the Zambia Revenue Authority on behalf of the defendants for the clearance of their seized alcohol, the former Kasama Central MP collected the funds from them in March of last year.

In violation of the contract, Mr. SAMPA did not send the money but instead redirected it to pay commission.

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