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CBU Medical hangs himself due to inability to pay settle debt

Jordan Simwizye, a 24-year-old fourth-year medical student at CBU, hangs himself due to an apparent inability to pay back his debt.

An undergraduate medical student in his fourth year at Copperbelt University (CBU) in the Copperbelt, age 24, hanged himself.

Jordan Simwizye, whose body was discovered almost completely decomposed, is thought to have committed himself because he owed a lot of people money.

According to Copperbelt Commanding Officer Peacewell Mweemba, who confirmed the occurrence, the crime is thought to have happened on Saturday, when the deceased’s aunt reported him missing.

“Brief Facts of the matter are that the reporter, being a security guard who found the body was in a company of his friends and as they were doing some patrols around Copperbelt University premises here in Ndola and it so happened that they came across a dead body of a male person hanging on the tree. The matter was later reported to Police who in turn visited the scene and confirmed the incident the deceased hanged himself using a rope,” he said.

He claimed that after looking over the slightly decomposed body, a phone was discovered on the deceased. This phone was used to contact the deceased’s family, and the deceased was later identified by his aunt Adess Mwewa of Lubuto township in Ndola.

“According to the identifier (Aunt to the deceased) the deceased went missing on Saturday around 15:00hours. Reasons for committing suicide is not known as no document/note was found on the deceased body which contained any reasons for his action however, the aunt to the deceased strongly suspects that her nephew (deceased) decided to take his life because of credits he had of different people,” he said.

The deceased’s body has since been placed in the mortuary of the Ndola Teaching Hospital in anticipation of a potential postmortem and burial, Mr. Mweemba continued.

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