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Kenyan pastor who claims to be Messiah seeks protection after death threats

A Kenyan pastor, Yesu Wa Tongaren, who claims to be the Christian Messiah, has reportedly sought police protection after members of his community said he should be crucified over the Easter holiday.

It was claimed that Yesu Wa Tongaren, whose real name is Eliud Wekesa, performed a miracle of turning water into tea.

According to a Kenyan publication,, Wekesa also has a group of 12 disciples. His wife was quoted as saying:

Recently he made the water turn to tea. People drank it and were very happy and more remained and some carried it home.

One Facebook user said that since Yesu Wa Tongaren claims to be the Messiah, he should also be crucified on the cross. Said the writer:

Huyu yesu wa Bungoma lazima tumsulubishe. Haezi jiita Yesu na hajateswa can’t happen Ama mnaonaje (This Bungoma man should be crucified. He cannot call himself Jesus without suffering. What do you guys think?

Members of his community in Bungoma argue that if he is really the Messiah, he should be crucified and he would also resurrect on the third day and ascend to heaven.

Posting on Twitter, a Kenyan social media personality Omwamba said Wekesa has since reported the threats to the police station. He wrote:

Self-proclaimed jesus christ of Bungoma (yesu wa Tongaren) now claims that his life is in danger.

This is after a section of residents of Bungoma were overheard saying he must be crucified during Easter the same way Jesus was crucified.

The residents have assured him that if he is truly the messiah, he will resurrect on the third day and go to heaven after the crucifixion so he should not worry at all.

He has since reported the matter to the police station.

Wekesa recently told that God’s army was protecting him from any harm and those who plan to crucify him will only do so in their dreams.

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