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This is how Uncle Waffles made more money in just 2 months

Despite constant trolls, Uncle Waffles had a big 2021. Just like any of us would do at the end of each year, Uncle Waffles went online to celebrate her wins in 2021.

The DJ was very grateful Announcing that she played over 120 shows in just two months. This announcement makes her one of Mzansi’s most sought-after celebrities of 2021.

After the announcement, tweeps immediately pulled out their calculators to figure out how much she could have made. It is not known how much she charges per gig but this did not deter tweeps from bringing out their estimations based on speculation.

One tweep suggested that the absolute lowest she would charge per show could be R10K and working with that figure, she would have made R1.2 Million (and more, considering she said she played more than 120 gigs) in just two months.

Some Tweeps feel the more Uncle Waffles was dragged on social media, the more she was hogging the spotlight

Her career is certainly going far. We wish her the very best, and cannot wait to see what 2022 has in store for her!

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Faith Nketsi

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