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Kitwe adolescent ordered to make amends to family for losing virginity of daughter

After slleeping  with his grade eight girlfriend multiple times at his friend’s house, a KITWE youngster was ordered to pay K15,000 for the pregnancy.

Leonard Chibuye, 19, willingly agreed to robbing his girlfriend of her virginity and afterwards making her in a maternal manner after having multiple affairs with her.

The girl’s father, who wants the court to step in and order the accused to pay the K15,000 he was assessed for damage, hauled Chibuye into court.

The victim’s father said during his testimony before the Bulangililo Local Court that aside from the K50 that Chibuye paid as “Chisumina Mulandu,” the 19-year-old had never made a payment toward the damage charge.

He claimed that in 2021, while his daughter was a student at Kitwe’s Lulamba Primary School, he observed anything peculiar about her.

She admitted being pregnant after more questioning.

“We called for a meeting with his family, he paid K50, admitting that he was the one responsible then we charged him K20,000 which was later reduced to K15,000 after they complained,” he said.

In his defense, Chibuye acknowledged that he was responsible for the pregnancy but insisted that his unemployment was the main factor keeping him from making the payment.

He said in court that he had seven encounters with his fiancée at the home of a friend in Kitwe’s Kapoto neighborhood before she informed him that she was expecting.

The girl, who served as the case’s star witness, claimed that she felt coerced into having sex because her friends frequently made fun of her for not engaging in activity.

“My friends used to mock me, so I decided to do what my friends used to tell me. We slept together about seven times until I got pregnant,” she submitted.

Before being reprimanded by the court, she had earlier claimed to the court that she had not known her acts would result in pregnancy.

The teenager was reprimanded by the court for jeopardizing her studies and future by slleping around despite elders’ advice to avoid men once she reached maturity.

The court’s decision mandated that Chibuye pay the K15,000 that the girl’s family had demanded in monthly installments of K500 starting on March 31.

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