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Landmark Infrastructure Project Strengthens Zambia-DRC Relations

President Hakainde Hichilema joined President Antoine Félix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to inaugurate the Kasomeno-Kasenga-Chalwe-Kabila-Mwenda Road. This monumental project, part of the One Stop Border Post initiative, also includes the construction of the Luapula River Bridge, cementing the strong bilateral relations between Zambia and the DRC.

The Kasomeno-Mwenda Road Project signifies Zambia’s dedication to enhancing connectivity and economic integration in the region, while fostering economic growth through innovative Public Private Partnerships (PPP). President Hichilema stressed that this approach not only alleviates fiscal pressure but also encourages private sector involvement in Zambia’s economic development.
This project, which links the DRC to Africa’s east coast through Zambia’s Nakonde border and Tanzania, is poised to become the shortest route connecting the DRC to the Indian Ocean, opening up vast trade opportunities. It is expected that more than 400 trucks will utilize the Luapula River Bridge, providing a crucial trade link between Luapula province in Zambia and Lubumbashi in the DRC.

President Hakainde Hichilema

In addition to facilitating trade and economic growth, the Kasomeno-Mwenda Road and Bridge Project holds the promise of job creation and infrastructure development. The local communities, particularly in Mwense, are set to benefit from increased economic activity in the region, as well as job opportunities during the construction phase.The collaborative effort behind this project involves Zambia, the DRC, and Hungary’s GED Africa,
President Hichilema also called upon GED Africa to prioritize the use of local materials and the employment of local people, particularly youth and women, further emphasizing the project’s commitment to community involvement and empowerment.

The inauguration of the Kasomeno-Kasenga-Chalwe-Kabila-Mwenda Road and Luapula River Bridge marks a significant milestone in enhancing regional integration, connectivity, and economic development. It is anticipated that this infrastructure project will bring about lasting positive changes in the lives of the people in Zambia and the DRC, fostering wealth creation, reducing transport costs, and contributing to poverty alleviation.

Source: Lusakatimes

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