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Launching Of Drought Management System

The Zambia Drought Management System, designed by the International Water Management Institute and the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, aims to ensure that agricultural production is resilient to the effects of climate change.

The satellite-based internet program, according to GREEN MBOZI, permanent secretary for agriculture, is designed to give farmers, agricultural extension agents, and water resources officials information that will assist them manage drought.

The Smart Drought Intervention, according to Mr. MBOZI, would assist the ministry of agriculture in giving all the information required to efficiently manage the floods and dry spells that have impeded the development of the nation’s agricultural.

At the ZADMS initiative launch in Lusaka, he made this statement in a speech that Ministry of Agriculture Director of Policy & Planning, PEGGY MLEWA read for him.

Moreover, ANA MARIA LOBGUERRERO, a representative of the Consultative Committee on International Agricultural Research, emphasized the importance of agricultural stakeholders cooperating to develop technology that will aid in addressing climate change challenges.

She adds that in order to increase smallholder farmers’ resilience and their standard of living, Zambia needs to boost its drought early warning systems.

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