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Official: Kenyan Looters Should Invest Locally

According to Auditor-General Nancy Gathungu, Kenyans embezzling public funds should be encouraged to invest their windfall domestically rather than stashing it abroad.

If allowed to be invested locally, she claimed that illicit cash flows may promote national growth.

According to study published in 2020, the Kenyan ruling class who benefited from public monies is thought to have stored up to $2.6 billion (£2.1 billion) in offshore bank accounts, according to the World Bank’s estimation.

At a gathering in Nairobi, Ms. Gathungu stated:

Quote Message: Perhaps we should start a campaign that says if you steal it and you are able to get away with it, invest it in the country where it is stolen. If you steal it from Kenyans, invest it in Kenya.”

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