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Letoya Makhene and wife, Lebo get tattooed rings

Letoya Makhene and Lebo Keswa have solidified their love and marriage with tattoo rings. The two visited a tattoo store while in Newtown and got their fingers tatted with rings. The actress shared videos of the process when Lebo was getting hers.

Letoya Makhene, and her wife Lebo Keswa

She further explained why they were in New Town. Letoya said they have opened a clothing store and they hope to deliver more designs to their customers. Makhene recently celebrated her wife’s birthday on social media, and she wrote.

Letoya Makhene, and her wife Lebo Keswa

My Love. I think you are the most beautiful thing that God has brought into my life and I Love and cherish you. We may not see eye to eye on a lot of things but we do make an exceptional team. You have brought light into my life and have taught me how I deserve to be loved. For that I will appreciate you forever.

“I cannot imagine life without you. I cannot imagine my world with another. You are the only one who has filled this empty void that I have had in my heart for so long. You are the personification of Love. You are the personification of truth. You are unpredictable, fun and crazy! These are the attributes that make up Lebo and I will never forget you for that. You are that person that I will eternally thank God for bringing into my life. I Love You. I’ve Loved you from the first day that I met you. Despite the criticisms against their marriage, Letoya and Lebo have continually proved trolls wrong.

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