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Man imprisoned after attempting to violate neighbor’s wife

A magistrate jailed a 27-year-old man accused of attempting to rape his neighbor’s wife while her husband was in police custody despite NOTHING, not even his assertion that God is his witness.

Mathews Mtonga, a builder from Ng’ombe Township, was given a two-year term with hard labor by Lusaka Magistrate Idah Phiri for trying to rape a 30-year-old lady he had taken to the police station to report her husband.

This relates to a case where Mtonga was accused of attempting to rape a woman on August 23, 2022.

Mtonga made an unauthorized rape attempt on Tryness Mvula.

The charge was refuted by the defendant.

The court was informed that Ms. Mvula and her husband got into a fight on the relevant day and she made the decision to travel to the Ng’ombe Police Station to report a case.


She charged Josphat Zulu, her husband, with malicious property damage.

She ran across Mtonga, who she knew as Pilato, on the way home from the police, and he offered to arrest her husband and transport him to the police station in connection with malicious damage to property.

There is proof that Mtonga apprehended Mr. Zulu with the assistance of others and transported him to the police, where he was held.

The court was informed that Ms. Mvula then confided in Mtonga and told him that despite her being his financial supporter, her husband had been beating her.

Mtonga attempted to impose himself on Ms. Mvula by grasping her by the neck while they were being escorted in the evening, though.

Jeans-clad woman slumped on the ground, and Mtonga piled on top of her.

As the accused fled the scene and called the police, a passing car flashed its lights, leading to the accused’s arrest.

The evidence, according to Magistrate Idah Phiri, was congruent and connected the accused to the crime.

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