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Long Load Shedding Hours Stress Manufacturers

The Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM) hopes that the protracted load shedding won’t continue in order to prevent a detrimental effect on the industry.

Long-term load shedding, according to ZAM Vice President CHIPEGO ZULU, would have a negative impact on regional producers.

According to Ms. ZULU, the load shedding is still in its early stages, but the association is still keeping an eye on things.

But she also claimed that businesses invested in alternate sources like diesel generators since they had learned from the 2015 load shedding.

Ms. ZULU adds that manufacturers have found it challenging to plan because of the monthly reviews in diesel costs.

She also revealed to ZNBC News that her association has kept in contact with ZESCO to see how load shedding’s effects on manufacturing might be reduced.

Due to limited electricity production at Kariba North Bank Power Station, which has been hampered by the significantly decreased amount of water available in the Kariba reservoir, ZESCO is executing a 12-hour load shedding operation.

The Company has also ascribed the longer load shedding periods to the Maamba Collieries Thermal Plant’s decision to shut down one of its generators for maintenance purposes.

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