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Low Maize Yields Due To Technology Gaps, According To Corteva

Low maize output has been noted by Corteva Agriscience as a result of smallholder farmers’ reluctance to use modern farming techniques and technologies.

Despite having a 10-metric ton yield potential, according to Corteva Agriscience Managing Director SAMSON NYENDWA, smallholder farmers’ maize yields have remained low at roughly 1.8 metric tons.

He claims that by employing modern agricultural techniques and good farming practices, commercial farmers in the nation who utilize the same seed can produce up to 8 metric tons or more per hectare.

The newest farming methods, according to Mr. NYENDWA, do not, however, reach smallholder farmers in Zambia.

Speaking at a year-end media event his company hosted in Lusaka, Mr. NYENDWA urged the nation’s media to support efforts to increase public knowledge of modern farming techniques and practices.

He asserted that the media have the power to alter perceptions and influence the best agricultural practices.

Approximately 85% of Zambian families are sustained by agriculture, Mr. NYENDWA added, highlighting the country’s progress in this area.

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