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Lusaka man arrested for masquerading as a Lands Tribunal Advocate

A 49-year-old Lusaka man was detained for posing as an attorney before the Lands Tribunal.

The alleged position was being used by Abel Muyembe of Chimuka Industrial Park to solicit donations from the general public.

The suspect has subsequently been apprehended and charged with the offense of personating a public officer, according to Zambian police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale.

He claimed that the suspect was detained yesterday at around noon.

“Mr Muyembe was masquerading as an Advocate in the Lands Tribunal and has been obtaining money from members of the public by False Pretences.Police officers were alerted and immediately investigations were instituted which led to the arrest of the suspect. Initial investigations revealed that the suspect is not an Advocate and that he has no qualifications related to the field,” he said.

Mr Mwale said Police have since engaged the Law Association of Zambia in the matter

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