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74 year old stepfather defiles his two daughters

The 74-year-old stepfather defiles his two daughters alternately, giving them STIs.

Investigations into the incident involving a grade three student named Chirundu who was allegedly violated by her stepfather and stepbrother and left with STIs have shown that the stepfather also defiled the young sister of the victim.

The 74-year-old stepfather defiled the two victims, who were 12 and 6 years old, and gave them STIs.

According to police deputy public relations officer Danny Mwale, the suspect, who is presently being held by authorities, regularly abused the girls who shared a bedroom with her.

According to Mr. Mwale, the suspect has been charged with incest once more.

“Police investigations into the case involving a 74 year old suspect in Chirundu District have revealed that he also abused the young sister of the 12 year old victim. The six year old girl was also diagnosed with STIs,” said Mr Mwale.

He said that the girls were being treated in a hospital.

A grade three kid who was molested by her stepfather and stepbrother was reported to the police two days ago.

Police said that the victim’s teacher noted that she was acting strangely in class.

The teacher looked her over and noticed that she had a bad body odor and blisters on her privates.

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