Lusaka Tournament To Feature 150 Judokas

The first league competition for the Zambia Judo Association-ZJA, which begins on Saturday, will feature 150 judokas.

The first of 20 tournaments that make up the 2023 MUSA Biscuit league competition will take place this weekend in Lusaka.

Over five clubs have so far confirmed their participation, according to ZJA- Administrative and Communications officer CAROL CHIPUPU, and the number is likely to rise on the day of the competition.

Additionally, CHIPUPU stated to ZNBC Sports news that the competition is crucial because the Associations’ goal is to enhance Athletes’ performance.

Sending a good team to every African game scheduled for Ghana, according to her, is one of the year’s primary initiatives because the league will be used to gauge their growth.

According to CHIPUPU, a squad of around 30 athletes is training for the All African Games, though it is anticipated that the number would be reduced to 14.

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