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Mafinga Mp Commits To Collaborate With HH

Robert Chabinga, a Mafinga member of parliament, claims he has made the decision to back President Hakainde Hichilema in order to promote national progress.

Mr. CHABINGA claims that his pledge to cooperate with the United Party for National Development (UPND) government of President Hichilema does not indicate that he intends to join the opposition.

He claims that in order to forward the nation’s development objectives, he has chosen to support President Hichilema.

Today, Mr. CHABINGA presided over the induction of Reverend Violet Sikwese at the United Church of Zambia Mount Olives congregation when he was speaking in Chongwe.

Since then, he has urged UCZ members to pray for peace and harmony for the nation’s politicians.

He further exhorted Reverend Sikwese to care for and treat all members of her church equally.

The UCZ, according to Mr. CHABINGA, belongs to everyone in the nation, not just one political party.

The church is a place where individuals can find comfort, according to Acting Lusaka Province Presbyterian Bishop FRANK BWALYA, who spoke at the same ceremony.

Also, Reverend Violet Siwese vowed to serve all the congregations she will be in charge of as well as everyone in the Chongwe area selflessly.

She expressed her gratitude to the church and other stakeholders for their support and invited them to do the same when she serves in her new role.

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