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Man Viciously attacked by “Wakongole” after being asked to pay what he owes

A Mumbwa guy, 43, was detained for viciously hitting a man, 21, whom he owed money to.

In an effort to get Cloud Sikate to pay back the loan he owes him, Rainford Moonga is thought to have gone to his home, but instead of getting what he wanted, the suspect beat him, leaving him with significant wounds on his stomach, head, and left arm.

David Chileshe, the commissioner of police for Central Province, who confirmed the event, claimed it happened yesterday at or around 17:30 in the Mwanamango area.

According to him, the victim approached the suspect to pay back the debt that he had neglected to pay.

“The victim approached the suspect at his house in a bid to recover the debt which resulted into an altercation. The victim was beaten such that he sustained deep cuts on the stomach, head and left arm. A stick with sticking out nails was alleged to have been used in the assault. The incident happened yesterday January 25th, this year at 17:30 hours. An arrest was made and the suspect will appear in court soon,” he said.

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