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A Mumbwa man is hospitalized following a mine accident

While on duty, a 33-year-old Mumbwa worker was injured in a mine accident, breaking his arm and leg. He was then admitted to the hospital in severe condition.

It is thought that Steven Mulangu, a worker at the Goodtime Steel Mine in Mumbwa, was struck by a wet pan machine as he was cleaning it during a power outage.

He suffered injuries because, unfortunately, electricity was restored while he was still inside the machine that had not been turned off during the power outage.

According to David Chileshe, the police commissioner for the Central Province, the event happened on Wednesday of last week at about 16:00.

“A 33-year-old man identified as Mr Steven Mulangu who works for Goodtime Steel Mine located near the Mumbwa Ginnery was on January 18, 2023 around 16:00 hours hit by a wet pan machine as he was cleaning it during a power outage whilst the machine was on. Unfortunately power was restored whilst he was still inside the machine and as result he got injured in the process. He sustained a broken left leg, arm and, bruises on the back. He was initially admitted to Mumbwa District Hospital ,but later referred to University Teaching Hospital (UTH) when his stomach started swelling,” he said.

Mr Chileshe further said the case was only reported to the police on yesterday after the relatives realised that the condition was deteriorating.

“The owner of the mine who is of Indian origin has been summoned to report to the police for inquires,” he said.

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