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Trouble in paradise: Ex-Scandal! actress Masasa Mbangeni & boyfriend break up



Masasa Mbangeni and Gwydion Beynon

South African award-winning actress Masasa Mbangeni, who is known for her Scandal! role as Thembeka is reportedly nursing a broken heart after her breakup with The River co-creator Gwydion Beynon.

Friends of the former Scandal! actress Masasa Mbangeni and The River producer Gwydion Beynon informed Zimoja that they were a picture-perfect couple, who attended awards together, and even went public about their relationship until it ended in tears a few months ago.

Sources of The River and Legacy producer Gwydion Beynon, who also co-founded production company Tshedza pictures added:

“She was a heartbroken shame. It ended badly and abruptly, and she wasn’t handling the breakup. They got too excited too soon, maybe,” says the friend.”

Masasa Mbangeni

Friends of the former love birds also reveal that things went south for the couple when Mbangeni quit her job as a drama lecturer.

“S*it hit the fan when she quit her job as a Drama lecturer and went back to acting. That’s where the danger was. Acting is frustrating because there is no sustainable income in South Africa,” the friend adds.

“She should go abroad. I think that got to Gwydion. The fact that she wasn’t really working. But they looked so good together and we thought they would eventually get married because they had met each other’s families.”

The friend also tells Zimoja that the talented actress has recovered but won’t be dating anytime soon.

“But I doubt she will be dating anytime soon, But I hope he at least gives her work in one of their productions, but I highly doubt with the way things ended.”

Beynon and his business partner Phathu Makwarela, who’ve written for Gomora, The Queen and also created Giyani: Land of Blood, The River and Legacy told TVSA in 2019 that they met thirteen years ago on the set of Muvhango.

Masasa Mbangeni and bae

“We met at Muvhango, about thirteen years ago. We were both so young and inexperienced! I was already employed as a researcher, a storyline, and a scriptwriter. Gwyd came on board as a storyliner. We didn’t like each other much at first, but then we slowly started to realise that we both shared a real passion for storytelling. We started working on stories together, and found that we had complementary skills, and enjoyed working together,” says Makwarela.

The pair have down as Mzansi’s first-ever celebrity TV scriptwriting team and became popular in 2019 when their telenovela The River won 11 Golden Horns, including the Best Scriptwriting category.

The former couple Masasa Mbangeni and Gwydion Beynon were unavailable for a comment at time of publishing this article.

In other news – Woman confesses she had a lousy relationship with Black Coffee hoping to get rich

South Africa’s Grammy award-winning DJ, Black Coffee is the talk of the streets after a random Twitter user claimed that she used to be in a lousy s*xual relationship with him.

Black Coffee Lindokuhle

Taking to Twitter, a lady only identified as Lindokuhle @LindorHughes spilled the details about her sexual relationship with the famous DJ. Lindokuhle mentioned that during their s.e.xually escapades she used to swallow Black Coffee’s sp*rms with the hope that she will get to be as wealthy as the DJ. Learn More

Mzansi Celebs

Ranaka’s sisters didn’t talk for a year due to conflict between them




Ranaka’s sisters

Manaka, Mpumi, and Dineo Ranaka didn’t talk for a year due to conflict between them. The siblings didn’t reveal why they were not on talking terms. However, they’ve reconciled and they briefly talked about the incident to Zimoja. We fight and we are not pretentious towards one another,” says Mpumi

“It would have been sad for me to get married, which is something that is happening soon without my sisters being there. So, I am happy that we have reunited,” she added.

Ranaka’s sisters

Manaka’s mind was muddled with various questions after the three sisters were invited to be guests on Festive Get-Together in the Life Artois: “Firstly, I asked myself, why they would want the three of us; myself, Mpumi and Dineo? What do they know? Do they know besingakhulimisani? (Did they know that we were not on speaking terms) We didn’t know we would go through some healing process that we didn’t ask for,” she admits.

The actress further explained how they reunited at their dad’s 80th birthday.

Ranaka’s sisters

” We have just started talking slightly after a year of not speaking because of our dad,” Manaka says. “God works in mysterious ways. We were not talking when my dad turned 80. We arrived, ate and at the end of the birthday lunch, we were talking. We didn’t even bicker, as one would expect. At the end of that evening, everyone was in tears, we were talking and bonding. Yes, there are some unresolved issues, but we love each other, after all, we are siblings. The sisters didn’t disclose why they were not talking, but being able to reconcile and reunite back as sisters excited them.

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Dr Winnie Masahaba announces her new marriage following her divorce from Makgokgo Makgopa. The singer and her ex-husband divorced in 2021 after 16 years of marriage.

Speaking about her divorce, she said, “I will never go to media to discuss the separation. Even if I can get married again, two or five times. Read more

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Pic of SK Khoza in the village goes viral




SK KHoza

Last year, South African actor SK Khoza caused quite a stir on social media after videos of him engaging in heated confrontations with a number of people went viral. Many social media users expressed concern for the actor who was acting extremely out of character. He later apologized for the videos and says that he was in a “very dark place”. Shortly afterwards, he disappeared from the spotlight and avoided negative publicity. And now a photo of him looking healthy and happy is trending.

SK Khoza

In 2022, South Africans wondered out loud whether former The Queen actor SK Khoza has developed a drug problem after he was seen going on violent rages in more than one video clip.  The TV star later explained that he was “trapped in a very dark space”.

SK Khoza

He also added that he has chosen to seek help. And now a photo of him looking much happier and healthier than he has been in a while has gone viral on social media. Take a look below: Many in the comment section loved how good and calm he looks these days.

“I guess he needed a little break from the noise. I say that’s the best decision,” one person said while another wrote: He needs the break, shame poor guy has been through a lot. I also did this once, there is a place called Oudtshoorn, I went to do my driver’s licence for a week, but the place is Soo beautiful and calming I ended up staying for 6months.

Source: The south african

In other news – Kim Kardashian Dazzle at Balenciaga Show in L.A

Balenciaga takes Hollywood! Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman and Salma Hayek were among some of the A-list guests attending the brand’s show in Los Angeles on Saturday, where the fashion house’s Fall 2024 collection was unveiled.

Kim Kardashian

Kardashian, 43 — who was named ambassador of Balenciaga in February 2022 — sported an edgy look at the show, wearing nude Panta leggings layered with black lace, a nude high-neck top and a black Balenciaga logo jacket. Read more

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