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Mayor of Mongu and another person Arrested after fight with another councilor

The mayor of Mongu and another person were detained after a fight in which they are accused of hitting another councilor.

Nyambe Muyumbana, the mayor of MONGU, and Jimmy Kaumba, a councilor for the Kambule ward in Mongu, have both been detained and accused with assault.

In connection with the alleged attack on Imiko ward councilor Jack Mwangala in Mongu during a binge, the two were recently called by police.

During an argument, the victim is thought to have been battered by the two municipal leaders before being struck by the mayoral vehicle.

Mr. Muyumbana and Mr. Kaumba are still being held in police custody, according to deputy police spokesperson Danny Mwale.

“Police in Mongu have charged and arrested the Mayor and the Ward Councilor for the offence of Assault and the motor vehicle, a Toyota Hilux bearing registration number AUB 946 (MG1) has been impounded,” he said.

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