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Meal Allowances Welcomed By Mukuba Students

First-time recipients of meal allowances at Mukuba University in Kitwe, on the Copperbelt, have thanked President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA for expanding the program to their school.

Prime Minister DAVID NDUMBA of Mukuba University Students Union (MUSU) is pleased that the administration is thinking about the country’s students.

Students are pleased with the food allowances since they will help them achieve their academic objectives, according to MUSU President Brian Mwitwa.

The meal allowance, according to Mukuba University Vice President VIRGINIA TUMBA, will aid in reducing immoral behavior among female students, who are the most vulnerable group.

A dependable and consistent lunch allowance will enable students to achieve academic success, according to MWEEMBA KELVIN, the MUSU Academic Affairs Minister.

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