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Milupi Refutes Accusations Of Corruption

CHARLES MILUPI, the minister of infrastructure, has denied allegations that he is involved in unethical behavior.

The reports, according to Mr. MILUPI, are unfounded, and he plans to take the matter to court.

This comes after a press conference given by MUNIR ZULU, an independent member of parliament for Lumezi, and MULENGA FUBE, a member of parliament for Chilubi PF, during which he claimed that Mr. MILUPI had received $250,000 from an unnamed company.

Mr. ZULU claims that two days before to the nomination of the Road Development Agency Board Chairperson, Mr. MILUPI also received an additional 150 million US dollars.

Despite having four bank accounts, Mr. MILUPI claims that none of them have ever received such sums.

The Minister further claims that rumors that he has been appearing before the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for the past two weeks are untrue because the Commission has never issued a summons against him.

Speaking at a press conference organized by the information minister CHUSHI KASANDA, Mr. MILUPI stated that he is assembling a team of attorneys so that Mr. ZULU can present the evidence in court.

In addition, Ms. Kasanda stated that the creation of the Presidential Delivery Unit (PDU) will not duplicate any functions currently played by Ministries or Special Advisors to the President. This was in response to inquiries made by several Journalists.

According to her, the creation of the PDU is intended to hasten the completion of important government projects and programs.

The Unit, according to Ms. Kasanda, will also act as a watchdog, addressing false information and disseminating what the government is doing.

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