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“mining At The Kanseseli Gold Mine Is Illegal”

A lawmaker has urged the government to look into claims of ongoing illegal gold mining at the shuttered Kasenseli Gold Mine in the North Western Province’s Mwinilunga area.

While the mine is being manned by the Zambia National Service-ZNS, Mwinilunga Member of Parliament Newton Samakayi has questioned how individuals, the most of whom are from outside the Mwinilunga region, are unlawfully mining gold from Kasenseli.

He has pleaded with the government to act fast and put an end to the Kasenseli Gold Mine’s illegal gold miners.

It is regrettable, according to Mr. SAMAKYI, that a select few people wish to keep profiting from the mine at the expense of the entire nation.

The Mwinilunga lawmaker continued by saying that the Kasenseli Gold Mine needs to be handled by a reliable investor who can implement appropriate security measures.

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