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Mining Powerhouse Potential In S/Province: Kabuswe

With the finding of minerals in several regions of the province, according to Mines and Minerals Development Minister PAUL KABUSWE, Southern Province has the potential to become a mining powerhouse.

According to Mr. KABUSWE, the province’s mining operations have caught the attention of the government because dishonest people have been stealing minerals.

He claims that his ministry is finalizing the structure of the minerals commission, which will be present all across the nation and an active participant in all of the mines there.

According to Mr. KABUSWE, his ministry also plans to equip Mineral bureaus with the necessary tools so that they may carry out their duties in accordance with President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA’s directives on mining operations.

When the Minister paid a courtesy visit to Southern Province Minister CORNELIUS MWEETWA, he was already speaking.

According to Mr. MWEETWA, the Mapatizya Constituency is rich with minerals utilized for a variety of uses, including lithium, amethyst, and tantalite.

He added that everything needed to be done correctly and that Mr. KABUSWE’s arrival had coincided with the rush of investors into Mapatizya.

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