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Missing Car found, owner forgot where he parked

A vehicle that allegedly went missing during the celebrations for International Women’s Day has been found by Ndola police.

It has been determined that the car in question was not stolen, but rather that its owner simply forgot where he had parked it after drinking.

Police discovered the car parked at Champ Elysee Lounge and Bar, which is close to Buffs Bar and the location of the International Women’s Day celebrations.

A 60-year-old man named Kombe Mulenga had made a scene after complaining that his automobile, which he had parked at the Lowenthal Theater, had been stolen.

Mr. Mulenga claimed to have found his black Toyota Ipsum with the registration number ACP 4112 and the K60,000 missing.

The automobile has been discovered intact, according to Copperbelt police commanding officer Peacewell Mweemba.

He said that because Mr. Mulenga was intoxicated, he forgot where he parked it.

“It was found in good state apart from the battery which was drained. The observation made is that the owner just forgot where he parked the motor vehicle due to the fact that he had taken alcohol,” he said.

He said the vehicle has since been taken to the police  station and the owner has been informed.

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