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More Must Be Done For Children Vulnerable- Mwamba

The lives of vulnerable kids, teens, and their families need to be improved, according to DOREEN MWAMBA, minister of community development and social services.

In an effort to increase the quality of service, Ms. MWAMBA claims her ministry has embraced the case management strategy to effectively connect with and meet the needs of vulnerable individuals in communities.

In Lusaka, she was addressing a crowd as the Community and Statutory Case Management Guidelines and Handbook were being released.

According to the minister, the strategy instructs community caseworkers on how to address the children’s needs after they have been identified.

About 40 Districts implementing community case management is commendable, according to UNICEF Zambia Representative PENELOPE CAMPBELL.

UNICEF, according to Ms. Campbell, is hoping that a strategy will be developed to implement community case management across all of the nation’s districts.

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