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3,000 More Cases Of Gbv

In contrast to the 7,000 occurrences reported in 2021, 10,000 cases of gender-based violence were reported in 2022, according to the Non-Governmental Gender Organizations’ Coordination Council (NGOCC).

The NGOCC Board Chair, GRACE SINKAMBA, says the rise in instances is alarming and that more needs to be done by the government and other stakeholders to prevent GBV from becoming the norm.

Ms. SINKAMBA stated during an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka that NGOCC will begin a campaign against GBV on March 2nd.

According to her, the rise in instances is concerning and should be discussed on a daily basis, not just during the yearly 16 days of activity against GBV.

She stated that in order to confront the vice, the campaign will encourage everyday awareness of GBV and involve the government, civil organizations, traditional leaders, and other stakeholders.

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