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“individuals Trying To Access The Gold Mine At Kasenseli”

Reports of members of the public trying to bribe the police to gain entry to the Kasenseli Gold mine in the Mwinilunga District have been received by Zambia National Service Command.

However, ZNS Commander Lt. Gen. MALITI SOLOCHI states that there have been no allegations of officers aiding illicit mining at the location as of yet.

When Lt. General SOLOCHI paid a courtesy call on Mwinilunga District Commissioner,HARRISON KAMONA, he was in the middle of a speech.

He declared that the military will not hesitate to fire any personnel who were discovered aiding in unlawful gold mining.

He has also urged the populace to exercise patience as the administration finalizes the details of the reopening of the Kasenseli Gold mine.

Also, Mr. SOLOCHI denied rumors that ZNS employees support illicit mining.

He has urged ZNS personnel to carry out their responsibilities in a professional manner and asked for ongoing community involvement.

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