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MOSHO requests that PF be deregistered in court

Famous Lusaka attorney LEWIS MOSHO has filed a lawsuit asking for the Patriotic Front to be deregistered because he is owed four million kwacha.

In order to have the Minister of Home Affairs declare the PF to be an unlawful party or society in the public interest, Mr. MOSHO has requested a court order.

He claims that the PF cannot keep taking on debt that it is unable to pay back.

Additionally, Mr. MOSHO is asking the court to issue an order designating an impartial person or officer to wind up the business of the PF and pay its creditors in accordance with the Society Act’s provisions.

According to the Writ of Summons submitted to the LUSAKA High Court, this is the case.

The Attorney General is a defendant in the case that Mr. MOSHO has also sued.


His legal case is based on the PF’s refusal to pay him the four million KWACHA debt he incurred while representing the party in eight election petitions, including two appeals, from the 2021 General Election.

In his letter of demand for the PF’s deregistration, dated September 15, 2022, addressed to the minister of home affairs, Mr. MOSHO asserts that his law firm has been trying fruitlessly to recover legal fees from the PF for a long time.

He bemoans the fact that the debt has been present for more than a year.

Mr. MOSHO adds that in response to the claims of the legal expenses, the PF has taken the drastic measure of rejecting letters from his law firm.

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