Mpali actor is imprisoned for disrespect.

Shazzy Phiri, a well-known actor from Zambia who portrays Hambe Nguzu in the popular telenovela Mpali, gave court attendees at the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court a thrilling unscripted real life drama yesterday as he sprinted out of a courtroom after being given a 14-day prison sentence for contempt of court.

Hambe’s problems started when he signed a police bond for his absent-minded brother, Costa Phiri, who is accused of collecting money via false pretenses and disappeared shortly after being released from Kabwata Police Station custody. This was a well-intentioned act of kindness on Hambe’s part.

Following Costa’s repeated failures to appear in court, the judge ordered the actor—along with his other brother Stephen Phiri, who was also a surety—to attend and explain why they had not been bringing their criminally charged sibling before the court.

Hambe said that he had been busy memorizing dialogue from the Zambezi Magic TV drama series Mpali script written by Frank Sibbuku.

The actor and his two brothers, who also included the accused, were granted a two-week free vacation in the Lusaka Correctional Facility to share quarters with defilers, murderers, and aggravated robbers after the court found his answer to be unacceptable.

But Hambe decided to give it a shot because she was unwilling to miss a filming session.

The actor rushed off the dock, turned around, and raced to Kabwata Police Station to challenge Ben Lombe’s Christmas marathon.

Phiri was unfortunate because Lemmy Kajoba’s men, who were posted inside the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court, were able to match his running speed and catch up with him before he ever went very far.

The sweaty, panting Hambe was apprehended and forced his way through the narrow entry of the Lusaka Central Correctional Facility, where he would be held for two weeks if he does not pay the K10,000 he promised to pay if his brother fails to show up for court.

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