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Mpezeni Requests Assistance For N’cwala Traditional Ceremony in 2023

The 2023 Nc’wala traditional ceremony is scheduled to take place next month, and Eastern Province’s paramount chief MPEZENI of the Ngoni people has urged more assistance to make it a success.

According to paramount chief MPEZENI, many people from all backgrounds are anticipated to attend the ritual.

When Chipata Mayor GEORGE MWANZA told the Paramount Chief that a shelter would be built at the Ephendukeni palace, the Paramount Chief was in the middle of a sentence.

Mr. MWANZA added that the local government would contribute 50 bags of mealie meal and 600 liters of petrol to the ceremony’s hosting.

He said that as the ceremony’s host, the local government would actively participate in its preparations.

The ceremony this year will be unique since Paramount Chief MPEZENI will be celebrating 40 years as king.

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