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Mubanga advises Firms to adapt to digital market environment

ELIAS MUBANGA, the minister for small and medium enterprise development, has urged SMEs to adjust to the changing economic climate in order to avoid serious setbacks.

According to Mr. Mubana, Businesses must incorporate digital marketing tactics into their sales goals.

He claims that the government will continue to support an atmosphere that is favorable to economic growth.

During a SME Business workshop, Mr. MUBANGA made this statement in a speech that was delivered on his behalf by Ministry Director of Business Development and Grants Director KENNDY MUMBA.

He expressed his happiness that the program attempts to connect regional producers with markets like chain retailers.

The managing director of I-NETCOM Business Solutions Zambia, KELVIN CHISANGA, stated that small and medium-sized businesses anticipate the creation of the SME policy.

According to Mr. CHISANGA, the workshop aims to alter entrepreneurs’ perspectives and impart knowledge on economic issues that affect business success in Zambia.

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