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MUNA SINGH Senior Dead at 52

MUNA SINGH Senior, a two-time champion in the Africa Motor Rally, passed away.

SINGH, 53, passed away in India from a disease.

SAM CHINGAMBU, president of the Zambia Motor Sports Association (ZMSA), has verified the development to ZNBC news.

Being that SINGH was a beloved family member, CHINGAMBU stated that this is a difficult time for the Motorsport family.

According to the government, the late SINGH Senior was a great rally ace who, with his flawless driving, raised the nation’s flag on the continent.

SINGH’s enormous contribution to the development of the motorsport rally, according to Sports Minister ELVIS NKANDU, will always be cherished.

To the grieving family and the Zambian motorsport rally community, NKANDU has offered his condolences for the passing of an icon.

Additionally, SINGH won the national title nine times.


He leaves behind a wife and 5 children.

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