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Musokotwane: Zambia Will Begin Exporting Fertilizer

SITUMBEKO MUSOKOTWANE, Minister of Finance and National Planning, claims that the nation would begin exporting fertilizer to the Southern African region over the next three years.

According to Dr. MUSOKOTWANE, Zambia’s fertiliser production industry has benefited from significant investment, which has increased its capacity.

Although Zambia has been buying fertilizer from other countries for many years, the minister claims that its exportation will change everything.

Dr. MUSOKOTWANE said that Zambia is now the region’s top producer of ceramics in an interview with the international media on the margins of the ongoing Spring Meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in Washington, DC.

He also forecasted that Zambia’s economy will expand by 4% this year.

But, according to Dr. MUSOKOTWANE, more money has to be invested in manufacturers that would create goods to advertise the agriculture and tourism industries.

Dr. MUSOKOTWANE added that Zambia’s ambitious strategy to increase mining production is expected to result in more jobs for the populace.

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