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Mwaka Mugala gets her first NGOMA Award

Mwaka Mugala gets her first NGOMA Award and she felt grateful… The beautiful actress expressed her feeling on Instagram with some pictures… It was an A-class event and our favourite ZED Celeb didn’t disappoint, she was dressed to impress and she looked gorgeous.

Mwaka Mugala

Taking to Instagram Mwaka Mugala thanks God for all he has done for her and her career… She is grateful and couldn’t hide her feelings… She said – It was truly a night to remember. The set up was absolutely breathtaking, and then God did a thing for me 🥹 my first NGOMA Award! Glory to him!

Mwaka Mugala

Thank you to everyone for the never ending support, to the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Art for bringing back the awards, to my spiritual mother for the prayers and mentorship and a special mention to @lionqueen_ngomabecky, who believed in my acting talent from the beginning and told me to audition for #ZMZuba when it all began. Outfit by @a_la_fashionista_ 🥰
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Mwaka Mugala

We take this moment to say congratulations to Mwaka Mugala for winning the NGOMA Award, well deserved and we wish her all the best in the future… We know she will win more and more awards.. let’s hope she takes her talents global… it will be nice to watch a Netflix movie or series featuring our very own actress! Congrats!

In More News –  Mutale Mwanza shows twerking skills – video

Mutale Mwanza shows twerking skills in this latest video she shared on her Instagram and we can’t seem to get enough of her twerking skills. The Zambian top celebrity shared an exciting video on her Instagram and had an interesting caption…

Mutale Mwanza Twerking

Mutale Mwanza said – M – Nation 💣 Those of us who pretend as though we can’t twerk please let’s gather here 😂😂😂 Yet Deep down our hearts we know that Tulafipenya ifintu ! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Anyway, this is my FAVOURITE song from Zambia Izavina… Watch her Twerk

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