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The political jabs Former President EDGAR LUNGU has been making at President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA, according to UPND Spokesman CORNELIUS MWEETWA, are wholly unwarranted and extremely out of place.

The Southern Province Minister, Mr. MWEETWA, has stated to journalists in Livingstone that Mr. LUNGU, as the last surviving former Head of State, must serve as a statesman and help unify the nation.

He has counseled Mr. LUNGU to speak out in favor of calming down political storms in the nation rather than criticizing the Head of State.

According to Mr. MWEETWA, President HICHILEMA wants the nation to turn a new page and embark on a new political adventure because he is the only Head of State who has not detained his predecessor.

Moreover, he has asked the opposition political parties to concentrate on economic and policy-related concerns rather than on matters that have little bearing on Zambians’ daily lives.

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