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Mweetwa: Arrest Those Who Damaged Flash Buses

CORNELIUS MWEETWA, the national spokesperson for the UPND, has pleaded with the police to seize and detain all those responsible for the Lusaka attack on the Flash minibuses and their destruction.

And Mr. Mweetwa has distanced the UPND from the attacks, claiming that some dishonest individuals wish to commit crimes using the name of the ruling party.

He claims that the security wings have told the ruling party that the violent attackers are not party members but rather call boys from Freedom Way.

Regardless of their political allegiance, Mr. MWEETWA claims individuals using the party’s name to stir up trouble and break the law must be held accountable as ordered by President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA.

The comments made by Mr. MWEETWA follow attacks on flash buses by individuals who were allegedly UPND cadres.

Since then, police have apprehended the suspected attacks’ mastermind.

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