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Kaiser Zulu: Pleads Not Guilty

KAISER ZULU, a former State House political advisor, entered a not guilty plea to the allegation of failing to relinquish a diplomatic passport.

Before Lusaka Resident Magistrate SILVIA MUNYINYA, Mr. ZULU entered a plea.

The case’s trial is scheduled to begin on January 5, 2023.

Mr. ZULU has been given a 10,000 Kwacha bail with two working sureties, each of whom is aware of the situation.

Earlier, the defense attorneys argued that Mr. ZULU should be granted bail because the case qualifies.

The Criminal Procedure Code’s Section 123 was cited by the defense attorneys.

The defense attorneys further argued that as Mr. ZULU is an established businessman with a stable address, he does not pose a flight risk.

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