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Nakonde Mother Attacks Son with Hot water for stealing K100

As her biological son, age 8, reportedly stole K100 from their home, his 28-year-old mother from Nakonde brutally poured hot water on him.

The victim, a first-grader at an unnamed school, is thought to have used the money his mother left for him to attend school.

The mother then drove him back to the house and doused him in hot water after she had followed him to school.

According to Kaunda Mubanga, the commanding officer of Muchinga Province, the incident happened yesterday around 10:00.

He said that Esnart Namukonda, 28, doused her biological son Golden Nkonde in boiling water, causing burns on his left side of the body and left hand, as stated by Lean Namukonda, 52, the village headwoman.

“Brief facts are that the suspect is a single mother and stays with her two children Golden Nkonde aged eight and Mike Nkonde aged two. Yesterday March 14th, this year at around 05:00 hours, the suspect left her two children in the house and went to town to order vegetables for selling. She also left a K100 note hidden in some clothes in her bedroom. However, when she returned home around 10:00 hours, she found the money missing and she immediately knew that it was her son Golden who had stolen it. She followed him to Katozi Primary School where she found him buying fritters and ice blocks and took him back home where she poured hot water on him causing him to sustain burns on the left side of his body and on the left hand,” he said.

According to him, the incident drew attention from several members of the community, including the reporter, who immediately brought the victim and the culprit to the One Stop Center at Nakonde Urban Clinic, where the incident was first reported.

“Eventually, the matter was reported to Nakonde Police Station. Acting on the matter, officers visited the victim at Nakonde Urban Clinic where he is admitted and issued him with a medical report form to facilitate medical examinations,” he said.

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