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Nalumango Advises Colleges To Provide Scholarships

The insufficient bursary system, according to Vice President Mutete Nalumango, must be seen as a chance for private universities to help individuals who are left out.

According to Mrs. NALUMANGO, the government is committed to offering free education up through the university level and will accomplish this with the help of stakeholder participation.

The Cavendish University MUTALE NALUMANGO STEM scholarship program was officially launched in Lusaka today by Mrs. NALUMANGO while she was speaking.

Sponsorships for two programs with full funding have been given to two females.

For the January 2023 intake, NATASHA MULENGA will receive funding to study a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, while ESTHER TWELASI will receive funding to pursue a Bachelor of Science in computers.

Furthermore, according to FELIX Mutati, minister of science and technology, the nation has begun along a digital path that needs to be paved with STEM education.

In the meanwhile, in order to promote technology use, information and communication technologies courses have been made compulsory at Cavendish University, according to Deputy Vice Chancellor OSCAR CORREIA.

Additionally, ZANACO Managing Director MUKWANDI CHIBESAKUNDA declared that the business will add two additional students to the scholarship program.

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