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Nalumango Instructs Members Of Ucz To Forge Cooperatives

MUTALE NALUMANGO, vice president, has urged members of the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) to benefit from the numerous government empowerment initiatives.

Members of the UCZ, according to Mrs. NALUMANGO, should establish cooperatives so they can gain access to monies from the Constituency Development Fund and other empowerment initiatives.

This is stated in a speech delivered in Livingstone on her behalf by NDIWA MUTELO, Permanent Secretary in the Vice President’s Office for Parliamentary Duties, National Guidance, and Religious Affairs.

This occurred when Reverend Roy Kanchele was installed as the Bishop of the Western Presbytery.

According to Mrs. NALUMANGO, the government is aware of the UCZ’s contribution to strengthening national cohesion as well as its delivery of social services in the areas of education and health.

She urged the Church, however, to keep collaborating with the government to decrease the impact of hunger, poverty, domestic abuse, and diseases.

SYDNEY SICHILIMA, the bishop of the UCZ Synod, gave a speech at the same ceremony and praised the government for supporting the church during trying times, including when 21 of its members died in a car accident.

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